How does DynFi work?

DynFi® is a Java based software which can be deployed in minutes on any Linux systems (we support Ubuntu and Debian) or FreeBSD platforms.
Once deployed DynFi is accessible using a modern web browser.

DynFi is provided as a single jar file running an embedded server hosting both a REST API and a web client based on React JS.
The REST based architecture is Open and allows a fast integration via simple scripts or any type of REST clients.

In order to properly function, DynFi relies on Java Runtime Environment version 11 (JRE v.11) or newer and Mongo DB.

DynFi is built to help your company manage FreeBSD based OpenSource firewalls appliances such as the pfSense® or the OPNsense® software.
The concept behind DynFi is to allow secured SSH access from DynFi to firewall devices so It can perform actions in an automated and secured way.

Optionnaly it is possible to add an IPSec layer between DynFi and your managed firewalls for maximum security.


The schema below provides a global overview of the DynFi’s software architecture for On Premise deployments.