DynFi user cases

Corporation with subsidiaries

Your company is using the pfSense or the OPNsense software as a firewall solution to manage the security of your remote networks.
You have been waiting for a Central Management tool to help you simplify and automate your daily management tasks.

DynFi is the solution you have been waiting for!


Whatever the skills of your team, providing them with DynFi will be a booster in their daily security management tasks.
DynFi is the best way to enhance your team's productivity by allowing you to spend more time on important and strategic tasks.

Your ability to provide your company with up-to-date and well maintained softare is critical !

Thanks to DynFi, you will have:

  • fast upgrades
  • clear vision of devices
  • the ability to grant access to a limited set of devices (Multi-tenant)
  • automated backup
  • central management
  • device mapping
  • shared comunication for team work
  • […]


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DynFi devices list


IT Services companies

You are using the pfSense or the OPNsense softwares to provide services to your clients such as :

  • remote network management
  • third party service monitoring
  • control or audit services
  • remote accounting services
  • […]


DynFi is the ideal solution to simplify your daily management tasks.
It will avoid you and your team waisting hours in redundant tasks!

By defining specific profiles, you can share access to the DynFi platform with your customers.
Providing your client's with an enhanced vision of his network is one of the best way to get a happy client…

DynFi will help you provide better services to your clients and more money at the end of the month.


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