Trademark & Copyright Guidelines

Trademark & Copyright Guidelines

DYNFI refers to the DYNFI company registered in Paris, France under number 439 872 540 and located 6 rue Montmartre, 75001 PARIS, FRANCE

DynFi refers to the DynFi brand and registered trademarks.

DynFi Trademark & Copyright Guidelines

DYNFI reserves all rights with respect to its trademarks and copyrighted intellectual property. When referring to DYNFI trademarks on web pages, advertising, social media sites, or any other traditional or digital marketing, and, as an authorized reseller, client or affiliate, we ask that you follow our usage guidelines.

For all first mentioned product names on a page, add ® and ™ appropriately in the name of the product. Usually this is in the header or title. After the first mention, it is optional to include these symbols. In addition, please read the Trademark and Copyright Restrictions below.


Proper Product Name Spelling and Trademark Symbol Placement

This list of DYNFI software products provides a guide to proper product name spelling and symbol placement of trademarks that belong to Individual Software as well as third party trademarks used in Individual Software product names.

  • DynFi®
  • DynFi® Manager
  • DynFi® On Premise
  • DynFi® SaaS
  • DynFi® Managed Services
  • DynFi® Firewall


Trademark Notices

DYNFI requests that those who make reference to our products with their associated trademarks also provide a short trademark ownership notice somewhere within those materials (e.g., on the same web page where a product is shown). Any attribution should be worded generally as shown in the following examples below. This list is not meant to be exhaustive. 


DynFi and DynFi logo are registered trademarks of DYNFI EURL


Marketing Materials Copyright and Usage Policy

DYNFI allows authorized resellers and clients the right to use certain Individual Software marketing copyrights both photographic and artistic depictions of texts and screenshots for web site, marketing, advertising, sales and promotional purposes.

All usage rights, as permitted above, will be in compliance with this Trademark and Copyright Guideline policy. Usage of trademarks and copyrights in social media sites such as Facebook®, YouTube®, Twitter®, LinkedIn®, and others requires, in each case, prior written approval from DYNFI EURL.

DYNFI, at its sole discretion, can determine any reseller, publisher or affiliate’s misuse and, in the case of such determined misuse, the reseller, publisher or affiliate must abide by any needed corrective action required by DYNFI EURL.


Video Copyright and Usage Policy

Resellers, publishers, affiliates are free to link or embed our videos hosted on our YouTube channel at See the instructions for embedding at:

DYNFI product videos are the sole property of DYNFI. Other than linking or embedding as described above, videos on this site or on our YouTube channel may NOT be downloaded, copied, reproduced, distributed, uploaded, or otherwise exploited for any other purposes without the prior written consent of DYNFI.

A trademark notice must be added somewhere on the page near the video and an http hyperlink created. See the above Trademark Notices. For example, “DynFi and the DynFi logo are registered trademarks of DYNFI EURL.”

Also, add this statement near the video, “This video is the sole property of DYNFI EURL. Other than linking or embedding, this video may NOT be downloaded, copied, reproduced, distributed, uploaded, or otherwise exploited for any other purposes without the prior written consent of DYNFI.”

Resellers, publishers, and affiliates who wish to create their own video displaying DynFi® Software brands must have their video previewed by DYNFI and receive written consent by DYNFI prior to the video going live. 


Trademark and Copyright Restrictions

Using our trademarks in a way that misrepresents you as the owner of our trademarks is not allowed. Use of our trademarks must not mislead consumers into thinking you are DYNFI or the owner of any of our brands. Only DYNFI may use the DynFi® trademark name to represent ourselves on web pages, advertising, social media sites, or any other traditional or digital marketing. Only DYNFI may use our brand trademarks on web ads and social media accounts to represent ourselves.

In special circumstances, if you wish to use our trademarks or copyrights in web ads, such as Google® ads, or social media, such as YouTube® or Facebook®, Twitter®, etc., you should seek prior written approval from DYNFI EURL.


Trademark and Copyright Misuse

DYNFI can decide, at its sole discretion, any misuse of DynFi Software trademarks and copyrights. DYNFI may inform violators of such misuse and ask for cooperation to provide proper usage or removal of Individual Software trademarks or copyrighted material.


For More Information

If you have a question that falls outside the scope of these guidelines, please contact your DYNFI business contact or email "legal at".