About us

ToDoo: a long history with OpenSource security

ToDoo is a French based company which has been incorporated in 2001.

We were the main distributor of the pfSense® software and appliances in France from 2009 until 2014.
We have activly supported the pfSense® project during this era.

We have published and translated in French many articles found on our website osnet.eu and effectivly contributed to the the wide distribution of the technologies tied to the pfSense® project in France and through out Europe. We are still providing training for both the pfSense® and the OPNsense® softwares.

Since we were not in line with the centralized vision that the Netgate® management has introduced in 2014, we have decided to shift our support from the pfSense® distribution to the OPNsense® as soon as the fork has been setup by Deciso.

We try to avoid as much as possible any troll war and respect the work of any good engineer or software developer.

We believe that both the pfSense® and the OPNsense® shall benefit from a central management solution. This is the reason why we have decided to invest major amount of time and money into such solution.

We strongly believe that we could provide end-users and companies with the best possible solution to remotely manage their OpenSource firewall devices.