Future releases

Future releases

Information about version 18.0.0.

The DynFi® software has been upgraded to version 18.0.0 on monday february 13th 2018.

This new release brings many bug corrections and enhancements and one long awaited feature: the ability to do scheduled upgrades for any of your devices.
The pfSense® and the OPNSense® do not include any feature which allow you to do scheduled upgrades.

Thanks to v.18 of the DynFi software, you no longer have to spend hours waiting in front of your screen at 2am to do your upgrade outside of working hours.
You can now simply schedule an upgrade for as many device as you like and DynFi will take care of that on it's own. Risks are similar to doing an upgrade in front of your screen since actions triggered are the same.


If you already have a DynFi version deployed, you can simply trigger an upgrade using upgrade instructions found here

If you don't have DynFi installed yet: rush to the download page located here!


Future upgrades

These upgrades will allow you to benefit from:

  1. latest features implemented
  2. bug correction
  3. upgraded documentation of the software


All our customers can benefit from these updates (those who have subscribed to a licensed, but also the one using our software in trial mode).

If you are a SaaS client of DynFi, upgrades will be automatically deployed for you in your DynFi environment.

If you have downloaded the DynFi version online, you will have to request the upgrade using "apt".

This system administration operation is detailed both into a blog post and on the online documentation available here.