DynFi® Features

A powerful and fast-evolving software

DynFi upgrade procedure for pfSense and OPNSense devices

Upgrade all your devices in two clicks

Simple to use management pannels will help you keep your devices up to date.
Full output of terminal displayed live during the upgrades.
Detailed control output with the Status buttons.

Device Group Management

Since version 19.6 the DynFi Manager is multi-tenant. You can restrict access of your users or customers to a selected list of devices. You can set specific rights on certain devices.

This is a very interesting feature which can be used:

  • to grant specific access to certain devices to one or more customers
  • to restrict access of a specific user to certain devices
  • to simplify a hierarchical team work where admins with limited privileges will only access the devices they have been assigned

Live status for all your devices in DynFi

DynFi upgrade procedure for pfSense and OPNSense devices

Change UI theming

Starting with version 19.6, users are now able to upload their company's logo and apply different set of pre-defined theming.

This allows for custom theming which might be userful for both: companies willing to resale DynFi Manager to their customers or for more personalized corporate look & feel.


Instant live status

Pickup any device on your network and get instant status feedback.
Includes infos about CPU, Memory, Disks, Swap, Uptime, Boot time, Load, Mbuf, States.
Detailed "top" output for precise memory infos.

Live status for all your devices in DynFi


Firewall interface mapping pfSense OPNSense

Instant overview of your interfaces

Getting precise understanding of all your devices network has never been so easy.
Precise info are displayed for all your devices.
Easy tagging to identify interface types and roles (VLAN, PPPoE, gateway, …).


Detailed RRD graphs always at hand

Get instant access to all your RRD graphs in one click for all your devices.
Includes graphs for Quality, Packets, Traffic detailed per interface
For System get detailed info for Mbuf, Memroy, CPU, States and Temperature
Zoom-in, custom querries and export features
Table display

RRD graph mapping with DynFi


Device mapping with DynFi Google Maps integration

Easy mapping of your devices

Get a global overview of all your devices on a nice Google Maps display.
Visual status at a glance.
Detailed infos and location available when clicking on a pin.
Direct access to the device's detailed DynFi page.

Automated configuration backup

You don't need to worry anymore about backing up your configurations.
DynFi includes an automated backup feature. Everytime there is a change made to any of your configurations, DynFi will detect It and automatically backup your new config.

You will be able to compare any existing configuration (or part of it) from any of your devices. A powerfull highlighting tool will let you precisely see the differences between your two files. 

Configuration from the pfSense® or the OPNSense® are taken into account and will be backed up.


RRD graph mapping with DynFi


Device mapping with DynFi Google Maps integration


Bulk operations on devices

DynFi allows you to conduct actions globally on many devices at once.
You no longer have to jump from device to apply "system upgrades", "alias upgrades", and soon "rules upgrades".

You can now conduct these operations directly from DynFi back-end and propagate all upgrades / modifications on the "n" devices you are managing… In one click !

Original Alias Manager

Thanks to the new Alias Manager found on DynFi, you can now manage your alias directly within DynFi using the new concept of "Collection" implemented in our software.

A Collection is a set of aliases that you can create from scratch or import from any of your devices directly in DynFi.

You can then modify any aliases found on your Collection and push back the changes on "n" devices in one click.

Collection is a simple way to spread custom changes based on alias to all your devices in couple of clicks with a very high level of granularity.

Collection can manage aliases coming from the pfSense® or the OPNSense® firewalls systems.


RRD graph mapping with DynFi


Device mapping with DynFi Google Maps integration


Direct View : instant access to all your devices

Thanks to the Direct View function, you can access all your pfSense® and OPNsense® firewall devices in one clic.  

For simplified connexion and enhanced security, DynFi Manager will proxy all your connexion to your remote devices.

You can optionnaly store your firewall credentials inside DynFi Manager in your encrypted database.

Direct View allows you to take instant action on many devices in a blazingly fast way!

Service management overview

Service Manager is a new function available in DynFi Manager ≥19.8 which allows you to have an overview of all your distant services directly in the DynFi Manager. 

You will be able to Stop / Start / Restart any given services, including your VPN services (IPSec or OpenVPN). 

A well designed green / red label allows instant evaluation of the status of the services. 


RRD graph mapping with DynFi



Dowload DynFi and give it a try: It is free for up to three devices!