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Installing DynFi is a straightforward process, you just need to follow instructions found on our blog post here.
You just need to have a system with a JRE working and a MongoDB, download the DynFi binaries and follow on screen instructions.

No, you don't need to install anything on your remote devices!
DynFi will work out of the box as long as you have SSH enabled on your firewalls. Please refer to the documentation for further explanations.

For the time being we support Open Source firewalls based on the pfSense® or the OPNsense® software.


Yes, you will have access to your contract upon checkout.

When you have a valid subscription, your ongoing contract(s) will be listed in your home directory (as a PDF file).

Contracts can be found here : DynFi SaaS -- DynFi On Premise

When your license expires AND you have more than three devices attached, your DynFi system will turn itself off and will not start until new license is imported manually.

DynFi License is valid for the time you have selected on the pop-up when you have placed your order (month, quarter, year).
If you have paid using your Credit Card, your license will be automatically extended on a monthly / quarterly / yearly basis.


Suspending your subscription to DynFi is a very straightforward process.
Simply login to your DynFi's account go to "Stored Cards" and delete the stored card. Your payments will be automatically suspended.

Your credit card will be debited immediately upon your first payment.
It will then be debited automatically every "month" / "quarter" / "year" depending on the periodicity you have selected.

No, we do not keep any of you Credit Card information with us.
We are implementing the Ingenico payment gateway. Ingenico is keeping your Credit Card reference which can be accessed by us using a cross reference.
This offers maximum security for our end-users.


Yes, you can grant your clients access to the DynFi software.