DynFi SAAS Hosting

DynFi SAAS Hosting

DynFi® is a central management solution targeted at Open Source firewalls running the pfSense® or the OPNsense® software.
Dynfi® is available as an On Premise software, a SaaS soution or as a Managed Services where we will handle your fleet of firewalls and keep them at the top.

DynFi® is a licensed software with simple licenses based on the number of administered devices and the invoice frequency.

DynFi® SaaS hosting solution provides you with a complete Linux hosted environment tailored for the management of your firewalls.
Located in one of the largest Data Center in Europe we offer a tier 3 infrastructure to host your most sensitive data with caution and efficiency (hosting in Canada or USA can be arranged upon request).


With DynFi you can:

deploy your monitoring tool in minutes and start centrally administer your devices

detailed live stats for all your devices

unified view of your firewall’s devices on a map

automate config backup of all your appliances based on the pfSense® or the OPNsense® software

be warned when an update is available

upgrade all your device’s in a single click

gain direct access to all the RRD graphs

get a full featured XML comparison of your devices configurations (multi-site comparison)

per device notes for each of your devices in order to ease your admin work when working in a team

fine grained access to the monitoring tool (including read-only)

free and easy upgrade for any upcoming feature available


With Dynfi SaaS you will have:

Container based offer with pre-tuned DynFi® software

Pre-built log collection mechanism (upcoming feature will provide analysis and extended functions)

Ready to be used central IPSSec management features

Automated remote ZFS backup of your environment

Dedicated public IPv4 to access your DynFi® software

E-mail and phone assistance for your DynFi® operations

24x7 monitoring of your DynFi environment






Example pricing table for DynFi SaaS:


AppliancesMonthly invoicingQuarterly invoicing (-10%)Yearly invoicing (-30%)
452 €/month140 €/quarter
47 €/month
437 €/year
36 €/month
10125 €/month338 €/quarter
113 €/month
1050 €/year
88 €/month
25300 €/month810 €/quarter
270 €/month
2520 €/year
210 €/month
50550 €/month1485 €/quarter
495 €/month
4620 €/year
385 €/month
1001000 €/month2700 €/quarter
900 €/month
8400 €/year
700 €/month
2001800 €/month4860 €/quarter
1620 €/month
15120 €/year
1260 €/month
5004000 €/month10800 €/quarter
3600 €/month
33600 €/year
2800 €/month
52 €/month