DynFi On Premise

DynFi On Premise

DynFi® is a central management solution targeted at Open Source firewalls running the pfSense® or the OPNsense® software.
Dynfi® is available as an On Premise software, a SaaS solution or as a Managed Services where we will handle your fleet of firewalls and keep them up to date.

DynFi® is a licensed software with simple licenses based on the number of administered devices and the invoice freqency.


With DynFi On Premise you will:

gain direct access to all your devices with "Direct View"

centraly manage and dispatch your aliases on all your devices

be able to deploy your monitoring tool in-house

no connection requested with any third party infrastructure*

detailed live stats for all your devices

unified view of your firewall’s devices on a map**

automate config backup of all your appliances based on the pfSense® or the OPNsense® software

get a warning when an update is available

upgrade all your device’s in a single click

gain direct access to all the RRD graphs

get a full featured XML comparison of your devices configurations (multi-site comparison)

per device notes for each of your devices in order to ease your admin work when working in a team

fine grained access to the monitoring tool (including read-only)

free and easy upgrade for any upcoming feature available

*: for access to upgrades you will need to access our apt repository
**: for device mapping you will need access to the Google Map infrastructure


DynFi can be used freely to manage up to three devices - just download It now and give It a try !


Example pricing table for DynFi On Premise:


AppliancesMonthly invoicingQuarterly invoicing (-10%)Yearly invoicing (-30%)
440 €/month108 €/quarter
36 €/month
336 €/year
28 €/month
1095 €/month257 €/quarter
86 €/month
798 €/year
67 €/month
25225 €/month608 €/quarter
203 €/month
1890 €/year
158 €/month
50400 €/month1080 €/quarter
360 €/month
3360 €/year
280 €/month
100700 €/month1890 €/quarter
630 €/month
5880 €/year
490 €/month
2001200 €/month3240 €/quarter
1080 €/month
10080 €/year
840 €/month
5002500 €/month6750 €/quarter
2250 €/month
21000 €/year
1750 €/month
40 €/month