DynFi Managed Services

Some of our clients have expressed the will to let us manage the security of their network from the ground up. This is what DynFi® Managed Services is all about.

We make sure that all your firewalls based on pfSense® or OPNsense® are handled following state of the art practices.

You will benefit from the following advantages :

All advantages provided by the DynFi On Premise or DynFi SaaS services.

Immediate update procedure applied to all your devices when necessary*

Planning applied following your requests

Custom upgrades (like upgrades for specific bugs (ie. OpenVPN bugs))

Best practice services to tune-up your configurations

Advice on third party package service deployment

Coordinated deployment

Best practice for long term maintenance and monitoring

Smooth migration from one service to another

Help setting-up ntop-ng monitoring and analysis services from our partner ntop.

* : When a release is published by the pfSense® or OPNsense® engineering team

Example pricing table for DynFi Managed Services:

AppliancesQuarterly invoicing (-10%)Yearly invoicing (-30%)
41000 €/month1445 €/year
1000 €/month
101121 €/quarter
1000 €/month
3486 €/year
1000 €/month
252700 €/quarter
1000 €/month
8400 €/year
1000 €/month
505400 €/quarter
1800 €/month
16800 €/year
1400 €/month
1009720 €/quarter
3240 €/month
30240 €/year
2520 €/month
20018360 €/quarter
6120 €/month
57120 €/year
4760 €/month
50043200 €/quarter
14400 €/month
134400 €/year
11200 €/month
    1 445 €/year