Install DynFi on Mac OSX with brew

Install DynFi on Mac OSX with brew

 In this tutorial, you'll find precise instruction in order to install the DynFi Manager on Mac OS X using the package manager "brew". 

This will allow you to smoothly manage your pfSense® and OPNsense® firewall devices. 


For further detail, you can check our online guide here :


1. Download and install JRE from OpenJDK for your Mac :

Choose the "Install JRE installer" link which will provide you with a bundle install ready to be used. 


2. Download and install MongoDB for OS X

We suppose that you have already installed brew - if this is not the case, please refer to this link :

~ -> brew install mongodb
Updating Homebrew...
==> Auto-updated Homebrew!
Updated 1 tap (homebrew/core).
==> New Formulae
cmix               csound             faudio             inlets             kubeaudit          nlohmann-json      terrahub           vapoursynth-ocr
cql                fasttext           gel                kahip              libgr              phpstan            vapoursynth-imwri  vapoursynth-sub
==> Updated Formulae

==> mongodb
To have launchd start mongodb now and restart at login:
  brew services start mongodb
Or, if you don't want/need a background service you can just run:
  mongod --config /usr/local/etc/mongod.conf


Either launch mongod as a startup service with

brew service start mongodb


or launch It temporarliy in your terminal with : 

mongod --config /usr/local/etc/mongod.conf


3. Download and install DynFi Manager

Go to the download section of : and download DynFi Manager. 

Run DynFi Manager : 

~/Downloads -> java -jar dynfi-19.2.4-all.jar
CANNOT WRITE LOGS TO DISK. Please make sure that directory [/var/log/dynfi] exists, is writeable by user [gregober] and does not contain read only [dynfi.log] file. Redirecting all logs to standard output. Refer to DynFi documentation for setting custom log directory.
Running DynFi. For other commands run help.
Version: 19.2.4 (commit: b5c6be268b581f4bf1fc55f5940de804fd88a53a)
10:41:40.002 [main] INFO  com.dynfi.cli.StartCommand [] - Running DynFi. Version: 19.2.4 (commit: b5c6be268b581f4bf1fc55f5940de804fd88a53a).
10:41:40.008 [main] ERROR com.dynfi.cli.StartCommand [] - Cannot read configuration from default file /etc/dynfi.conf. Using internal defaults
10:41:41.184 [main] INFO  com.dynfi.cli.StartCommand [] - Going to run migrations.
10:41:41.647 [main] INFO  com.dynfi.dbchangelog.DbChangelog [] - Creating default settings.
PASSWORDS AND OTHER SECRETS ARE NOT ENCRYPTED! To enable encrypting passwords in DynFi's database please configure encryptionPassword. Visit for more help.
10:41:49.322 [main] INFO  o.g.g.http.server.NetworkListener [] - Started listener bound to []
10:41:49.359 [main] INFO  o.g.grizzly.http.server.HttpServer [] - [HttpServer] Started.
Press Ctrl + C to quit the server
Running with PID 51484
DynFi is bound to all local addresses. Try browsing using one of


You can now point your browser to any of the provided links :


If you want to avoid typing the :9090 - you might want to have a web server such as Nginx installed and redirecting all your querries from port 80 / 443 to port 9090. 


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